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Move your fab towards more predictive operations

Technology Enabled Services are integrated, advanced service solutions that target higher device performance, better tool availability and improved yield—all at a lower cost. These technology enabled capabilities provide a new dimension in Applied service by combining highly-customizable traditional support services with advanced technology—software, sensors and control mechanisms—to help customers uncover problems and develop long-term solutions.

The capabilities can be sold as an option to customers with Applied Managed Service (AMS) or Applied Performance Service (APS) to deliver additional tool performance that is not part of these service product entitlements.


From development through production, as device specifications become more stringent, Technology Enabled Services can help customers achieve important yield, output and cost improvements at every step of the fab life cycle. These capabilities provide:

  • Reduced PM green to green time, higher tool uptime
  • Improved Cpk through tighter uniformity control
  • Scrap reduction & prevention
  • Lower defects
  • Higher yields


Technology Enabled Services include:

  • Surface technology, such as advanced cleaning and coatings solutions
  • A large and growing network of experts who provide layers of specialized skills and experience for various solutions
  • Digital tools such as advanced analytics and sensor modeling that empower field service engineers to more effectively resolve customer issues
  • A tailored supply chain designed to address customers’ unique needs and streamline global operations to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions