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The correct head with the right parts

HeadSmart is a Total Kit Management? CMP head rebuild service that combines cleaning, part replacement, re-assembly and testing. HeadSmart ensures the highest quality rebuilds for CMP heads, leading to better on-tool performance.


  • A fixed price integrated solution that enables predictable cost forecasting
  • Offsite head rebuilds, which saves valuable floor space
  • More predictable costs due to tighter distribution of head performance
  • Comprehensive multi point and certification of every polishing head before it goes on the tool


  • Customized bill of materials for each head using (1) Applied Materials certified OEM parts and (2) part numbers and change frequency specific to customer
  • Access to Applied best practices and knowledge network
  • Rebuild procedures that follow approved BKMs
  • Transportation to and from your fab

When combined with QuickStart?—an optional add-on service that brings CMP retaining rings into production-ready condition—the solution includes head burn-in and testing, which can result in up to 5% increase in tool availability. The program can also lead to >50%improvement in MWBR by (1) reducing early head failures and (2) improving predictable performance and costs due to tighter distribution of head performance.